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Energy Money Saver
- how we save over £2,000 a year

Do air-fryers really save us money?

They run on electricity. Electricity is over twice the price of gas. Air-fryers are convenient and cheaper than main ovens for small meals but are they really cheaper to run?

Was Boris right that we should buy new electric kettles to save money? 2kW or 3kW kettle? Fill it up or just one cup of water at a time? Our tests show what works best.

Gas hobs. How expensive are they to run? How do they compare to electric? What about choice of pan or hob size, lids or no lids? Washing machines, hoovers, TVs and fridge-freezers?

How important are the energy ratings? Is it worth paying more to buy one wth a better energy rating? What is the cost difference with different settings?

Home entertainment, computers, small appliances, heating and lighting - we test them.

What about where the energy comes from? How green is nuclear or hydrogen? How much of an answer are solar and wind? What about gas? What could work as a holistic approach to end our energy woes?

By following this book's research, our energy bills are way lower.

By using these easy-to-follow methods, your energy bills could be way lower too.

energy- money saver

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