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Chapter on Johnny Depp now in 'Abuse-Monster in the House'

Johhny Depp
vs NGN /Amber Heard - abuse analysis page, based on presented psychologies and evidence: here

Having escaped domestic violence myself, I am passionate about helping others do the same.
This has delayed my sci-fi books but, especially with the increase in DV with the lockdown, it is definitely worth it.
I became a counsellor to pass on the help given to me but sometimes us victims need technical help too, such as how to prove our abusers as abusers. This is why 'Abuse-Escape Yours' was written and the PDF version remains available for free on the downloads page.

Video clips of actual abuse transcribed in 'Abuse - Monster in the House' have been uploaded to my Youtube channel, Abused Men. Just click here to see them.

Domestic Violence - by victims for victims
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Abuse - Escape Yours


Abuse - Monster in the House


AD2045 five-book Sci-Fi series
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