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Johnny Depp (JD) vs NGN/Amber Heard (AH)
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Sam Cooke @Scookey2045

Trial Analysis Page

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Link to AH's appearance on the James Cordon show, day after claiming JD beat her really badly, can be seen here:

As a survivor of domestic violence myself and trained in psychotherapy, my take here is focused on these elements. For those that have been following and supporting my tweets, as well as others reporting too, great team effort. Have no doubt that Johnny Depp is grateful to you all.

Let's recap a few of the claims made, in court and in AH's seven witness statements (yes, she had to 'ammend' her 'recollections' seven times, JD submitted three), followed by my comments.

What Does Amber say?
"He (JD) was both physically and verbally abusive...worst when drunk or high...much of the time he had difficulty recalling what he had done..."
AH attempting to undermine any denial JD makes, by denouncing his memory - avoiding later admissions she drinks and has done drugs too.

"...abuse included punching, slapping, kicking, head-butting and choking me, as well as throwing me into things, pulling me by my hair, and shoving me or pushing me to the ground. He threw things at me, especially glass bottles..."
Wow. With such an endless barage of physical abuse AH must have a massive list of medical and police evidence to show. After 5 years together, the only police involvement was shortly before divorce, when AH decided wanted a restraining order (to 'back her up') so told IO Tillet Wright (IO), over the phone, to call 911 - police attended yet no evidence of physical abuse found - not as much as a mark.
As for medical records, seems there are none - only AH's claims a private nurse once attended; though this nurse was not asked to give any statement. Hair-pulling wise, AH later dramatised this by claiming JD pulled out clumps of hair and her scalp bled. Supporting photos? Just a shot of a clump of hair - no roots or blood, looked like cut off with scissors.

Other photos of 'injuries' in this 5-years of physical abuse? Of the claims of punches, bruised ribs, face and arms 'from defence', broken nose and bottle throwing? One show's a reddened cheek, the kind of redness you can get from from too much blusher and photo colour adjustment. Another shows a mark under her right eye, too close to her nose to be from a punch - in same pic some darkening around the bridge of her nose, yet zero swelling, and a mark on her bottom lip (which could be a cold-sore or self-inflicted bite mark). All these 'injuries' had entirely vanished the next day when she went on the James Cordon show, including any stiffness in her movements or psychological 'downness' that such injuries would have inflicted.
AH has not presented any pictures of any other ' injury' over their entire 5 years.

The only witness in the whole trial claiming to see JD physically attack AH was her little sister, Whitney Henriquez (WH), who also admitted AH punched JD in the face (to 'save' WH) - plus WH was captured on video with physical injuries reportedly from AH - NGN tried to block this video being shown in court.

In contrast: JD lost part of a finger within a month of their marriage (medical help sought), was photographed with a black eye on their honeymoon (AH claims JD attacked her) yet in the same picture AH didn't have a single mark and looked triumphant and has presented pictures of point bruises on his face, consistent with being punched. AH, along with WH, has admitted she punched JD in the face. AH has also admitted throwing things at him (pots, pans, anything) and, in a recording, starting physical fights (transcript and recording on this page) while belittling JD 'as a baby'.

Psychologically, the only thing all this has in common with abuse is AH being the abuser and projecting this abusive behaviour on him. DARVO: Deny Attack and Reverse Victim and Offender.

"...threw things at me, especially glass bottles..."
AH later added drama by claiming the bottles 'exploded like grenades' yet not a single person in the entire trial reported seeing JD throw bottles. Raquel Pennington ('Rocky') did say she witnessed JD breaking his own property with a bottle in his hand in anger and said he took her hands off his chest, when she 'tried to calm him'. If a physical male abuser is raging, the last thing a woman will dare to do is lay hands on him.

"...I wouldn't even block the blows; I would just freeze and disassociate..."
In contrast, AH has claimed she had bruises on her arms from blocking blows (including the day before the James Cordon show), punching JD in the face and throwing things at him 'to get away'.

"Having had time to reflect on things, I recognise that this sort of intimidation, isolation, and control is also abusive."
Isolation and control? AH was a jet-setting international film star with her own career, with access to many penthouses, nights out/holidays with 'the girls', and keys to her very own penthouse (gifted by JD).

"All of the abuse contributed to a severe decline in my mental and physical health while I was with him."
The only decline in AH's health evidence were things like AH reportedly throwing up at the Coachellea Festival, after drinking and taking MDMA. As for her mental health, all I see is an abuser hell bent on manipulating others into believing she was a victim. Most of the 'evidence' given against JD by AH's witnesses are statements of things AH fed them, not what they saw.

In terms of physical violence, several witnesses, including security guards Starling Jenkins and Sean Bett, have stated AH was the one who started problems (fights). AH herself admitted starting fights in the recording, mentioned above.

This r ecording aside, AH only admits to being physically violent by blaming it on JD - claiming in 'self-defence'. A true victim, with all the access to finance, alternative properties and friends/colleagues AH had, would have got out and gone to the police. To me, everything AH presents is like she has read or heard what real victims say (don't forget AH's 'retelling of the knife-point rape of her assistant Kate James as her hostage situation') and combines that with projections of her abuse against JD. As with all narcissists, which is exactly how AH presents, there is never an admission of wrong doing or being at fault, without blaming this fault on others. Narcissists, like psychopaths and sociopaths, feel no empathy for the suffering of others - also fitting perfectly with an abusive nature.

Asked in court is she had profitted from the marriage financially, AH replied: 'No. Only the 50% I was entitled to.', after she 'forgot' to sign the prenup. This sense of 'entitlement' is another narcissistic trait.

Anyone who is telling the truth does not need to ammend their witness statement seven times.

What Does Johnny Say?
"...rules were instilled in me from birth by my mother: you would be a Southern gentleman or it would be beaten into you. Even as a child, chivalry was extremely important and, whether or not this is considered old-fashioned, it is still something that I consider very important. Integrity, dignity, honesty, and respect for women."
While AH shares just 'me,me me', JD shares his human values. Also in contrast to AH's refusal to admit any wrong doing, JD openly admits drinking and doing drugs, without any caveats. He has also admitted they argued really badly and the relationship became toxic, though asserts AH was the aggressor, not him. By being able to admit faults, without adding caveats, JD demonstrates he is not a narcissist and devoid of empathy.

JD also points out that for him physical abuse against a woman is against his nature and up-bringing. That view is backed up by his ex-partners Kate Moss, Winona Ryder and Vanessa Paradis (mother of his two children). Even Melanie Inglessis (MI) - AH's make-up artist who, under duress, testified about the pre-James Cordon make-up session quoting 'slight' injuries and only those shown in AH's pictures - nothing about the bruised ribs, arms, nose etc - stated when she met JD he was always 'charming' and 'a delight'.

JD states AH was abusive and violent to him, including cutting off part of his finger with a thrown vodka bottle. His actions of sleeping behind locked bathroom doors and taking large doses of drugs/alcohol are consistent with a victim both trying to stay safe from their abuser and struggling to cope psychologically with the abuse. To escape my wife's abuse I drank too and became a regular at a hotel less than a mile from our house, as well as sleeping in my car, parked round the corner.

Reportedly at the behest of AH's legal team, private investigator Paul Barresi (PB) was paid to 'dig up dirt' on JD. After some 100 interviews, on people who knew/worked with JD over a 30 year period, not a bad word was said about JD, though quite a lot of bad words were said about AH. PB's 'employment' was terminated and his findings not presented to the court, you can read them here

About Amber's Childhood?
Amber Laura Heard (bn1986), elder of two with abusive parents (reportedly both alcoholics plus a physically abusive father). This in itself often leads to narcissistic personality disorders and abusive offspring. As we know, part of such a personality trait is projection (i.e raging then claiming the victim raged), zero empathy, need for praise (worship) and social status, with a total inability to accept any blame or guilt. Narcissists can be extremely manipulative, tears on tap (males and females) and have hidden agendas to get what they want for them, regardless of the cost to others. You cross them at your peril. They never forgive and never forget and never admit any blame, no matter how strong the evidence.
All of this fits perfectly with both JD's (and others') claims about AH and how she presented in court.

About Johnny's Childhood?
Johnny Christopher Depp II (bn1963), youngest of four and reportedly a chaotic childhood moving to many different homes. Parents divorced when he was 15 and with his stepfather, Rober Palmer, he was taught the inspirational toast: 'Here’s to you, as good as you are. Here’s to me, as bad as I am. You're still as good as you are, as bad as I am.'
No reports of any abuse between his parents and, likewise, no indicators of being narcissistic or abusive in nature. In contrast, I see JD as having elements of co-dependency, probably stemming from times of loneliness in childhood, which gives him a focus on helping others; something his generosity (financial and emotional) has repeatedly demonstrated throughout his career, as Paul Barresi discovered when trying to find dirt on him.

There is obviously a lot more that can be written, and I may add to this page later, but hopefully this helps give the general picture between these two. If I've made any mistakes (no guarantees given as am not perfect) please send me a tweet: @Scookey2045 or email: dv@ad2045.com

My personal abuse story at the hands of my wife, written as present and previous self, can be found here The ebook is free on 28th July 2020, making the last day of presentations in court.
clips of my abuser here

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