This five-book series was born in 2016 – inspired by developments in technological espionage and the go-ahead, against advice from the security services, for China to become involved in building new nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point, in Somerset.

AD 2045 – episode one: Nuclear – Bursting Point (out now on Amazon)
Julia is a survivor. Young but toughened by a murderous mother and about to get tougher still. While MI5 battle terrorists and international infiltration, Julia is about to get spat into a world of revenge and violence; battles against maniacs hell bent on nuclear destruction. If she loses, many will die. If she wins, she will die. Whatever happens, our world will never be the same again. And neither will she…

AD 2045 – episode two: Tsunami – Atlantic Meltdown (out now on Amazon)
After defeating a terrorist attack on a Partner nuclear reactor, hospitalised Julia has been marked for death. In the wake of the attack, the British Prime Minister is holding an emergency COBRA meeting.
Powering through the Atlantic ocean the massive battleship, 120,000 ton HMS Victory, is on hard intercept to stop or sink the Silver Star – a runaway cruise-liner on collision course with Port Talbot. All Julia knows is MI5 still need her help and she still needs theirs – to stay alive and answer the questions in her life. Questions demanding lethal revenge…

AD 2045 – episode three: Partner – Julia’s Rising (out now on Amazon)
Searching for the truth about Jake, Julia has teamed up with MI5 and the android brothers sent to kill her. Approaching Partner’s west-coast headquarters for answers, its defences open fire – as Max stands grinning from his office window.
Eight thousand miles away, 120,000 ton HMS Victory is under an attack so ferocious it can be seen from space. Rushing to their aid is Lee, the man who directed them there, somehow back from the dead.
The only battle of interest to death-defying racers is winning the 2045 Survival world championship – humans racing the androids they despise, even more than the androids despise them.
Whoever remains alive, will have to face the most ruthless enemy of all – the world leader of Partner itself: Bu Mon.

AD 2045 – episode four: Bu Mon – Island Killer (out 2020)
The penultimate episode of this five book series sees Fusion truly living up to her name.