With a degree in engineering, between working as a researcher, journalist, teacher and parent, Sam has been developing fact-rooted novels for some 25 years. Now a psychotherapeutic counsellor, he is also training to be a psychotherapist, which helps with Sci-Fi work too.

“I always wanted to write stories that involve great passion and love over death. Never a conscious decision to do this through Sci-Fi – just always seems to end up that way. Besides, even with hard Sci-Fi, there is always scope to go a little bit mad with imagination, which makes it great fun to write. Sometimes the characters make me laugh, sometimes cry – they aren’t physically real but in this world they experience life, as well as death; friendship, fear, love and passion. Without dark there is no light and, in every one of us, there is a psychological shadow. Happy reading, Sam.”

Propping up cafés around England, Sam is working hard on the sequels.

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