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Sam Cooke
Science and science fiction

Prayer for Peace
With all the terrible horrors in Ukraine, Palestine, Israel and across the world, it seems time for this universal for peace:

Lead me from death to live, from falsehood to truth.
Lead me from despairto hope, from fear to trust
Lead me from hate to love, from peace to war.
Let peace fill our heart, our world, our universe.


Science Fiction

AD 2045
is coming
But what does that future really hold?

Final journal of Professor Konopka, 16th January 2039:
'Only the fool-hardy ignore the peril in our hearts and close to home. With science we can reach out into the depths of space, create new human DNA and delve into the depths of the oceans but science does not resolve us. Our family issues. Our human biology and all the fears, needs and greeds that go with it.
Have we seeded the end of the world not with global roasting but with artificial intelligence that, in some cases, will grow an ego considering itself superior intelligence? My hope is our parenting of them is sufficient to make them care for us, not view us as enemies.'

“Moron. Too arrogant to see he's already created their end. No wonder he vanished”, Fusion, 14th July 2045.

Fusion is the first of just three Mk4 DNA-melded androids built, before their creator was destroyed and she was torn from her step-sister, Julia. Julia is about to lose her best friend - the only human Fusion cares about is Ayrua.

They are two opposites, joined by DNA fate, fuelled by joint anger.

This five-book series was inspired by the UK's 2016 contract with the Chinese for two nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point.
Only now, in 2023, are government officials waking up to the significance of China's grip on major UK infrastructure.

China didn't catch us with our pants down, they've been quietly pulling them down for decades and we've been too arrogant and too short-sighted to notice. MI6 and MI5 saw it and warned us - the government, with eyes seeing no further than personal ambition, chose to ignore them.
Our overnment was wrong, and we will pay the price.

AD 2023
is already here
Energy Money Saver

While big-tech deverlops AI androids, we need to focus on surviving the current financial crisis.
Although better than a year ago, energy costs are still significant and impact every area of our lives.
Energy Money Saver is a low-cost, easy to read, totally independent guide on how to reduce energy costs - based on measured readings and unbiased views.

No hidden agenda, no hidden sponsorship - we tell it as it really is.
What ever your energy needs, this easy-to-read guide could save you a lot of money, every single year, for the rest of your life.