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About the Author

A lot of people think of science fiction as all androids and space battles. To me it is simply one of the most flexible and non-restrictive genres in existence. You can set it in any year, in any place with any characters.
In terms of Nuclear, I wanted one of the most unlikely characters to help carry the fight forward: a troubled teenage girl, distraught at the murder of her best friend in front of her eyes, out for revenge.

Yes, these books do feature fantastic weapons, hypersonic aircraft, fizzing androids and battleships so huge stealth is not even a consideration. Yet, more than this, this is a story about families - broken, torn apart families trying to gather their pieces.



And talking of families, there are the fact-based books on domestic violence and quick guide on how to escape.
Johnny Depp's evidenced suffering in court, at the hands of Amber Heard, have inspired a dedicated analysis page: JD vs AH/NGN

I got into this topic not by choice but by having to escape an abusive partner myself. Since then, after 3 years of therapy, I have undertaken a 5-year psychotherapy course and now work as a counsellor to help others.

Abuse is abuse - regardless of gender.

Take care and all the best
, Sam.