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Johnny Depp vs NGN/Amber Heard
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Sam Cooke @Scookey2045

Abuse Analysis Page

After escaping my abusive wife, training in psychotherapy and writing events into a book, have been following Johnny Depp's court battle to prove he too was a male victim, not an abuser.
Unlike some very sit-on-the-fence news reports, I firmly believe in his innocence. It's not rocket science, it's human science. Here's why:

General Abuser Psychology
Weak inside: Psychopaths, sociopaths and those with narcissistic personality disorders all have a big thing in common: zero empathy. Such people feel no remorse or sorrow for any suffering of others. They are happy to give their victims horror and hurt, focused on 'owning' them, as a means to their ends. These ends involve some kind of ego gain: financial, social status, power, admiration from others. Why do they need this? Because they have what is termed a 'fragile ego' - so weak they can't stand criticism or being exposed.
If 'attacked' by a question, instead of answering it, they throw a question back at the questioner; belittle the question or shout and rage (with tears on tap), anything to avoid answering the actual question as long as possible. If there is someone else they can think to blame, they will. Their ego is too weak to accept criticism or admit wrong doing, even to themselves, for admission would mean acknowledging their lies and how terrible they were.
This weak ego usually stems from infancy, prior to 6-months of age, when they felt so much stress their developing brain was unable to cope with the levels of cortisol, stress hormone, flooding through it - permanently damaging their brain's ability to handle stress. In adulthood they seek deflections, such as praise and admiration, to stroke their pained inner child but it doesn't fix it. Lacking empathy they hurt others, caring only about getting more stroking for their inner child. Unable to face this reality or additional stress, including evidence they have wronged, they project their pain onto others. All the anger, rage, loneliness and abandonment from their infancy that has never gone away (a trauma trapped inside their shadow) and such projection is the only mechanism they have for coping. As (abusive) projection only lets off steam rather than dealing with the actual issues, nothing improves.
Abuse includes belittling, controlling, raging, manipulation, wild accusations (the more dramatic the better), violence and blame; often twisted around some event used as the seed for the lies they weave.
If a victim calls them out they use DARVO: Deny Attack and Reverse Victim and Offender. Being life-long liars, they can be very convincing. "People will believe anything you say, as long as you say it strongly enough.", Adolf Hitler.

General Victim Psychology
Strong inside: patient, love for others above love for self (co-dependent), a sense of proving self-worth by supporting and looking after others, even if this means taking damage in the process. Defence mechanisms include escape (alcohol, drugs, location) until ready to face their abuser again and try again to go forward - until the next abuse starts and the whole process repeats.
This psychology can stem from 6-months of age onwards. Although the brain has developed good cortisol stress handling, some later event(s) make the person doubt their self-worth, giving them a subconscious lifescript of 'unlovable' or 'unworthy', which leaves them abandoning love for themselves and focusing on feeling loved by giving it to others.
Victims are givers, abusers are takers.

Johnny and Amber
Once you understand the psychologies involved, of abuser and victim, you just look for the key markers. Who shows empathy, love, caring, a rational approach to fix things, patience, ability to listen and discuss, actions to escape the other? That will be the victim. Who shows belittling, no empathy, rages, aggression (passive or otherwise), need to be adored, focus on others' actions, lying, invented situations, inability to discuss facts, inability to accept evidence that counters their version of events (delusional) or admit any wrong doing? That will be the abuser.

James Franco
AH is reported to have referred to her soon-to-be lover James Franco as 'rapey'; I wonder if that was a pre-planned cover story, in case she got caught and needed to lie it was rape.

Below is my transcript of JD and AH (recording can be heard here)

AH: (belittling) That's the difference between me and you, is because you're a baby.
JD: Because you start physical fights.
AH: (Escalating - belittling like a teenager) You're such a baby.. You're ***** after me.
JD: (annoyed yet asserting his point) Because you start physical fights. Because you **** start physical fights.
AH: (calmer now) I did start a physical fight.
JD: Yeah, you did. So I had to get you **** out of there.
AH: (passive aggressive) Yes, you did. You did the right thing. The big thing. You know what, you're admirable.

To me, this conversation is like listening to my abusive wife, while I was still trying to reason with an unreasonable person - you can't.

What do others say?
Below are a selection of court statements you can download and read for yourself.

Kate James, PA to AH and single mum who suffered a violent rape: one two
Sean Bett, security guard to JD: one
Starling Jenkins, security guard to JD: one
Winona Ryder, with JD for 4 years: one
Vanesa Paradis, with JD for 14 years and two children together: one
Hilda Vargas, housekeeper for JD for 30 years: one
Johnny Depp himself: one

When an Abuser Takes the Stand
If someone has an abusive, narcissistic personality, what will they be like on the stand? It depends how threatened of being exposed they feel. Standard behaviour includes: irrelevant information, hearsay, adamance of being right (no supporting evidence required) and stating evidence against is wrong. If cross-examination gets too hard to refute, they will use drama: tears, anger, pleading, denial and emotional assertions - to get sympathy and deflect from answering the actual questions. Their testimony can become an emotional roller-coaster, based around the untrue events they have created rather than actual facts.

Based on my psychological analysis and personal experience, as stated at the start, I personally have no doubt the abuser is Amber Heard, that the Sun were abysmal in printing her lies and Johnny Depp has every right to clear his name and get compensation for the hell they have put him through.

Further Information
The full range of publicly available court documents have been kindly made available on the website of reporter: Nick Wallis, here
Three cheers for Nick, all reporters, all of Johnny Depp's supporters and the man himself, who has carried himself with dignity and honour throughout these court proceedings.
My abuse story, ebook free on 20th November 2020,
can be found here
clips of my abuser here

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