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Domestic Abuse/Violence
Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ update: 28th April 2020

1) Why do I keep getting abusive partners?
Abusers generally target forgiving, caring people who put others before themselves and have low self-esteem. After being abused your self-esteem will be even lower, making you vulnerable to trying things with another.

2) Where does my low self-esteem come from?
In many cases, including my own, it starts in early childhood. One of the key traits we develop as a result is a thing called co-dependency, where we under-value ourselves and put the needs/wants of others above our own, even if those needs/wants become damaging to us.

3) I am a male victim. Will I be believed or just told to 'man up'?
From personal experience, even if you are taken seriously unless you can provide evidence it won't go anywhere. Abusers, regardless of gender, can be brilliant and passionate liars. Many can turn on tears like a tap and put you down to put themselves up - standard narcissistic behaviour mixed with zero empathy. Evidence, especially for non-physical abuse, can be key.